The Art of Deception

Jeff Bauman Iconic Photo

Jeff Bauman Iconic Photo

Remembering April 15 2013 at 2:49 pm EDT-A Boston Afternoon


On this day, the annual Boston Marathon descended into chaos as two pressure cooker bombs filled with nails and ball bearings exploded near the finish line injuring and maiming hundreds of onlookers.

Three were killed by the bombs that were hiding inside backpacks sported by the now infamous Tsarnaev brothers,  Muslim immigrants from Chechnya, a south western province of Russia.

The photograph of super hero Carlos rushing Jeff Bauman to the first aid tent became the iconic photograph of the Boston Marathon bombing.   The unfortunate Mr. Bauman lost both legs from the blast.


That’s the Story and They Are Sticking to It

Many people who ought to know, including paramedics and orthopedic surgeons, pointed to this photo as the clearest single indication that a fraud was being perpetrated on the American people. Never, at no time, would you ever transport a victim suffering this type of trauma sitting up in a wheelchair.  Quite simply, they would bleed out in minutes.  In fact, Bauman should have been dead at the scene.

In spite of being the most severely injured person there, Mr.Bauman was one of the last “injured”people at the scene to be given any attention or assistance.  Persons with much less “trauma” had been placed on stretchers and wheeled away well before our hapless Mr. Bauman had been tended to. He was left laying on the pavement for far too long and certainly required a stretcher. But a wheelchair does afford a much better photo op, does it not?

Were that not enough to convince,  this type of injury is so agonizing that there would be no way for the victim to sit peacefully in a wheelchair. They would be writhing and moaning all the way to the hospital… if they somehow remained conscious.  And that presents yet one more problem. The man should have been unconscious. That is the reality of this type of injury. The blood loss starves the brain and one can not remain conscious.

Nick Vogt

1st Lt Nick Vogt

1st Lt Nick Vogt

It has been suggested that Army 1st Lieutenant Nick Vogt,  double amputee and victim of an IED explosion in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, played the part of Jeff Bauman in Boston that day. Lt. Vogt also lost his left pinkie finger from the IED blast.  Here is what Huffington Post had to say about Vogt’s catastrophic injuries:

“Just two months into his service in Kandahar province, Vogt would be considered “clinically dead,” having stepped onto a improvised explosive device (IED) that was buried in the soil beneath his feet, according to the report. The bomb exploded, taking his left leg and mutilating the right.

Another soldier, 21-year-old Calvin Pereda, who had been standing next to Vogt would eventually lose his life from injuries caused by the explosion. Vogt himself almost didn’t survive.

Nick should be dead, the doctors told his family later, if not from the explosion then from the precarious surgeries that followed. He suffered such severe wounds that his heart stopped several times as doctors operated to stanch the massive bleeding.

As the Military Times notes, Vogt’s physical condition had deteriorated so rapidly that physicians were forced to open Vogt’s chest to perform manual heart massage. This maneuver, while keeping the young man alive, also meant that Vogt was losing blood at a hazardous rate. Even worse, the hospital where he was being treated had used up its entire supply of platelets, whole blood and plasma. The young man needed more to even have a chance at survival.

Fortunately, Vogt’s fellow troops refused to allow him to die without a fight.

A band of soldiers, including team leader Sgt. Adam Lundy, hurriedly rallied blood donors “from across the Kandahar post.” More than 300 troops would step up to donate blood.

In all, Vogt received more than 400 units of blood (and another 100 was needed later)”

Contrast this account of a genuine traumatic amputation with what we saw in Boston. The human body holds five to six liters of blood under pressure. Had Bauman’s legs been blown off at the marathon, his femoral arteries would have been spurting blood. Everyone near him would have been drenched in blood as would Bauman himself. This was not the case.


Comparing Jeff Bauman to Wheelchair Man

All of these are photos of Jeff Bauman. Please note that Mr. Bauman wears his hair with a part on his left.  Wheelchair man Bauman has his hair parted on his right side.  Wheelchair man also seems to have curly, if not kinky hair.  All of Jeff Bauman’s post marathon photos show him with smooth, straight hair.  There is a very high probability that wheelchair man is not the man appearing in interviews as Jeff Bauman.  There is also a very high probability that wheelchair man did not lose his legs at the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Wheelchair man was already a double amputee.


Wheelchair Man Closeup




BB-Bauman2 BB-Bauman


Comparing  Lt. Nick Vogt to Boston Bombing Wheelchair Man



Wheelchair Man Closeup


!st Lt Nick Vogt

!st Lt Nick Vogt

Nick Vogt Left Pinkie Gone

Nick Vogt Left Pinkie Gone

Closeup Vogt's Missing Pinkie

Closeup Vogt’s Missing Pinkie


In terms of facial features, Lt. Vogt is a much closer match to wheelchair man than post marathon Jeff Bauman is.  But Vogt has a very distinctive left ear.  We have no clear photographs of wheelchair man’s left ear to compare.  Lt. Vogt is also missing his left pinkie finger.  Again, there are no clear photographs of wheelchair man’s left pinkie.  There is one of wheelchair man on the ground where he has his left hand up, but there is so much smoke and blur that it is not definitive that the pinkie is missing, although it appears to be missing.


If this was Lt. Vogt, no doubt he participated thinking that he was part of a practice drill.  There is no way that this young man would knowingly deceive the public.  And having unwittingly participated in this drill, there would be no way that he could dare come forward now.  He is still active military subject to orders. Given the catastrophic injuries that he sustained in Afghanistan, how could he possibly jeopardize his military career and health care benefits which he so desperately needs?

It Was a Drill

For a change, MSM told the truth-This was a Boston Globe tweet just before the “pressure cooker bombs” exploded opposite the library…opposite the library:

According to the Boston Globe

According to the Boston Globe


"Across from the library"

“Across from the library”











Wheelchair man Not Lt VogtBB-High-Res-closeup

Thanks to DeGrijzeDuif ( for providing the link to a high resolution photo sourced from a Reddit forum in which wheelchair man’s left ear is visible.  The man in the wheelchair seems to lack the distinctive and somewhat pointy left ear of Vogt.  The theory that Lt Vogt  was part of the drill in Boston does not appear to be a valid one.   On the other hand, our friend Bauman parts his hair on the left and his hair is straight and smooth, so this guy isn’t Bauman, either.

!st Lt Nick Vogt

!st Lt Nick Vogt

Cartoon Court

Why is this trial so restricted that Americans are limited to cartoon like renderings of Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s proceedings?  People who know him have been saying that the man on trial is not Dzokhar Tsarnaev.  A trial consisting of a series of pastel sketches lends credence to these claims.

BB-Cartoon-Court2 BB-Cartoon-Court3 BB-Cartoon-Court4



Dzokhar Home Video Proves No Thick Russian Accent

It may as well be Bugs Bunny

It may as well be Bugs Bunny


In fact, he barely had an accent at all.  At the time of the arraignment on July 10th, 2013, various news media and other attendees reported that Dzokhar plead “not guilty” with a thick Russian accent.  There was audio of his plea available on Youtube at one time and indeed, the person spoke “not guilty”with a very heavy Russian accent

Not only is this a cartoon court, it is a kangaroo court as well.  You see, Dzokhar Tsarnaev had no such “thick Russian accent” as you can hear in the following home video:, so who is it that they have “on trial”?