Rebecca Zahau|Murder She Wrote Part 2

Originally published 11/18/11-Updated 3/31/14-see bottom of the article for links to new information

Dr. Cyril Wecht recently completed an autopsy on the exhumed remains of Rebecca Zahau.  Dr. Wecht confirmed that all neck vertebrae were intact. The most important and glaring demystification of the evidence surrounding Rebecca Zahau’s death rests with this single, damning fact.  It is this one fact that brings the case to a razor like singularity-that Rebecca could not have leaped, rolled, nor slithered over a railing to her death from the height of a balcony because of one simple reason-all of these produce momentum and a force which becomes focused at the point where the rope engages the neck just under the jaw.  This kind of force crushes delicate neck vertebrae.

Imagine tying a 100 lb weight to the end of a rope and then dropping it over a rail, the other end tied to the leg of a bed.  There’s a pretty strong snap once the length of the rope is reached, then quite a bit of swinging.  The bones in the neck cannot sustain this force; they fracture, they crush.  In fact, this type of hanging from such a height can actually produce decapitation.  Rebecca had intact neck vertebrae…all of them.  She was hoisted from above.

Add to this the fact that a neighbor had heard a woman’s scream before midnight.  Rebecca was found with part of her shirt stuffed in her mouth.  Oh, that’s right…she screamed because it suddenly dawned on her that she was about to commit suicide in an impossible way so she had to stop everything, unbind her hands, hop around looking for a shirt to stuff in her mouth lest she scream again, rebind her hands and then go for it one last time. (The coroner had speculated that Rebecca thought she might scream, so she stuffed part of her shirt in her mouth to ensure that she wouldn’t)  But there was a scream.

So, ask yourself, why is the San Diego Coroner ruling this obvious murder a suicide?  There’s something really, really nasty lurking under the surface here.   There really is.  Bottom line: Rebecca Zahau clearly was murdered.  Here is someone else who thinks so:


Dr. Maurice Goodwin proclaims murder

Zahau’s family files wrongful death lawsuit